Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blue spittin. Dope or Nope

I wrote this in 10 mins thought it was dope. Comment

BTG- I love cheesecake

Friday, December 26, 2008

Curren$y- Myth Blazers (Ft. Unkommon Kolor Deck)

We aren't smokers. We don't condone smoking. But as we were browsing the internet as we often do (see: EVERYDAY) we ran across our boy Curren$y Hot Spitta doing a video spoofing "MythBusters". Within the first few seconds of the video on the right side of the screen we noticed something that looked rather familiar. That familiarity was in the form of a skate deck we painted for him back in July or so hanging on his living room wall. How dope is THAT?!?!? 2009 is gonna be a GREAT year for us!

BTG- FS Jets

Pretty Fuckin Dope- Alice in Wonderland (Remix)

This Shit is DOPE!

BTG- Blue and yellow Purple pills

Fresh Pix from Disney (The Hundreds Blog)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Unkommon Kolor!!!:"What More Can I Say?" Fitted

"Who you know fresher than HOV riddle me that/ the rest of y'all know where I'm lyrically at". Of course the words "HOV" and "I'm lyrically" need to be replaced with "Unkommon Kolor" and "the artistry" respectively.

Jay-Z said it best "what more can I say?" It's a crisp classic Yankee fitted with the god HOVA from the Black Album cover. The REAL Jeremy Biggers aka The Dude with the Beard has done it again. We're taking orders, and we never paint the same thing twice. That means you'll need to use a bit of creativity when you order yours. Contact Unkommon Kolor for pricing.

BTG- What more kan we paint?